Your health is not static. It is dynamic – ever in flux. Plus, the cause of any illness is never a single factor; it is multifaceted. Therefore, taking a single pill to quiet symptoms is not a long-term answer. A comprehensive approach, one that addresses lifestyle factors, is needed to determine causing ill health. Chemicals are among the contributors to sub-optimal health – chemicals in our food supply, in our personal hygiene products, and in our water and air supplies.

Man-made chemicals (e.g., perflorindated compounds (PFCS), biphenol A (BPA), formaldehyde, phthalates, toluene) commonly found in food containers, clothing, food packaging, baby bottles, new carpeting/furniture, air fresheners, and other everyday items can have a bio-accumulative effect on the body – even though we don’t consume them directly! Add to those the chemicals we do consume through our skin or digestion – aspartame or sucralose (artificial sweeteners), charred meat from the grill, triclosan and retinyl palmitate in shampoos and body washes – and the results over time may be hormone disruption, cancer, high blood pressure, kidney and liver failure, or other health problems.

Our modern environment constantly bombards us with these foreign agents, and our bodies, with their great wisdom, attempt to eliminate them through the liver, our main detoxification organ. When the toxic load is too heavy or if we fail to also consume sufficient nutrients for optimal functioning, the liver can’t keep up and the toxins are shuttled to our (intra-abdominal) fat tissue. Intra-abdominal fat is found between our organs. As toxins accumulate over many years, they eventually spill over from the fat to the organs, which then begin to struggle with their life-sustaining functions. Further, as toxins continue to build in our bodies, they can overflow into our brain tissue and the myelin that surrounds our nerves. This type of nervous system damage is associated with Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and other neurological disorders.

The early signs of toxic build up are hormone dysregulation, general fatigue, foggy thinking, poor concentration, lack of motivation, sleep issues, digestive issues, muscle soreness, and non-arthritic joint stiffness. If you have any of these symptoms, it is vital to start a whole food purification program to remove the toxins before they begin significantly interfering with your organs.

The solution to eliminating toxins in the body is three-fold. First, the 21-day, Standard Process Purification Program – consisting of whole food supplements and dietary changes – flushes toxins from the body. Second, consistently eating foods to enhance the body’s own detoxification keeps toxins at bay on an on-going basis. Third, a switch from chemically-laden foods and products to natural products free from these harmful ingredients prevents the toxins from re-invading your body in the future.

This month, we are hosting our annual Purification Seminar here at the office on Wednesday, November 16th at 6:00.  This seminar will not only further educate you on purification, nutritious additions to your diet, and toxic-free product alternatives, it will also save you $50 on your purification kit! Everyone in attendance is eligible to purchase their kit for the lowest price we offer all year.

Remember: If we don’t invest in our health now, we will invest into our sickness later. Investing in sickness is not nearly as fun, and it is extremely expensive. Once you have a chronic health issue, you will always have a chronic health issue if you rely only on medication. We must modify our lifestyles will in order to reap the long-term benefits of prevention and wellness.  Attend our seminar and create a plan for a healthy 2017!