Did you know there are over 37 trillion cells in the human body, each executing 200,000 chemical reactions per millisecond, all coordinated by your central nervous system? This is why Upper Cervical Spinal Care is critical for alleviating any tension on the central nervous system for maximal performance.
Did also you know that each cell’s membrane is composed of a lipid (fat!) bilayer? Consuming high-quality fats is imperative for cells to function optimally. On the other hand, eating trans-fats or rancid fats found in most snack items, consuming poor-quality oils (e.g., olive or safflower that do nothave “cold-press” on the label), or regularly eating roasted nuts will cause cell membranes to be rigid, dramatically impeding the flow of oxygen and nutrients into the cell. Therefore, without high-quality fats, we are doomed to develop a multitude of health problems. However, fats such as avocados, raw nuts, and cold-pressed oils (e.g., fish, olive, coconut, flax) keep cell membranes fluid, allowing oxygen and nutrients in – which creates energy, vitality, and health!
I greatly recommend high-quality fish oil such as our Calamari Omega-3 Liquid or Cod Liver Oil. (Most fish oils on the market are rancid and/or have a low omega-3 levels, which are insufficient for health improvements – or can even be harmful.) The omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA found in our fish oils promote healthy cell membranes, your eyes, and the vascular system; significantly decrease inflammation and pain; and reduce the small-particlecholesterol that causes clogged arteries. Studies show that one gram of the combination of EPA and DHA is the key to maintaining an already healthybody. However, when disease, poor energy, heart issues, arthritis, pain, or inflammation exist, you require at least three grams of the EPA/DHA combination to assist in your recovery.
It is time to invest in you – to provide what your body needs to stay in good health or to alleviate any symptoms or illness you may have.