Many people of all ages are not getting enough sleep exposing them to mental, physical, and spiritual dysfunction. It is common place with the older population that they don’t sleep due to no fault of their own, however, the younger generation are not sleeping because “all kids are doing it”. The teenage and college age kids are getting to bed 1-3 in the morning, and getting up by 6-8am for classes. They are tired and need a Energy Drink or Powerful Coffee, and Sugar to get them awake. This lack of Sleep and proper nutrition are preventing repair work for their Brain and other vital systems of their body. Harvard Researches found that when a person gets 4 hours of sleep a night for a few nights the effects it has on the nervous system is like having 5 12oz. beers within a 2-3 hour time period, therefore, they are a danger to themselves and others when they drive or operate equipment. Lack of quality sleep in linked with depression, anxiety, blood sugar imbalance, high blood pressure, pain, stiffness, anger, foggy thinking, procrastination, etc. Many people, maybe a person like you, could benefit from structured, deep, and restorative sleep so you can perform at your best.

When a person desires a good night sleep these are the steps to take:

  1. Choose specific time to go to bed each night
  2. Turn off all electronic devices 45-60 minutes before bed
  3. Eat some protein 30 minutes before bed to regulate insulin throughout the night
  4. Read a non-fiction book like the Bible, or spiritual book with just enough light to read comfortably for 30 minutes
  5. For 15 minute before bed turn off all lights, pray, or meditate.
  6. IF these suggestions don’t work make sure your spine is in alignment.
  7. If the Alignment doesn’t help your sleep you might need to supplement with Kava, Valerian, Passion Flower, and Melatonin. The most difficult cases Dr. Tim uses Plus CBD Calming blend or Insomintol
  8. Ask Dr. Tim what supplement might work best for you. Call 724-216-9000 to speak with Dr. Tim