Of the six billion people in the world four billion of them have a cell phone. A smart phone user averages 2.4 hours of communicating or web browsing each day. Not to mention that many of them also spend hours looking at computer screens and/or sitting at desks with improper posture (hunch back). This much texting and forward head flexing stretches the muscles on the back side of the neck, as well as the mid-back, and it tightens the muscles on the anterior part of the neck (SCM & scalene muscle). The short-term consequence is instability of the Atlas (1st bone in neck), causing the Atlas Subluxation Complex, which is a short leg, imbalance of the hips and shoulders, and global muscular imbalance. Other short-term consequence are tight neck muscles (limiting your full range of motion), tension type headaches, neck pain, and vertigo. Over the long-term, the neck completely loses its lordosis (forward) curve, creating a straight neck or even reversal of the curve, which in turn results in a 15-40% decrease in respiratory capacity, digestive problems, hiatal hernias, migraine headaches, high blood pressure, joint damage, disc damage, disc herniation, nerve compression (leading the numbness and tingling in hands), muscle and ligament damage, plus the onset of early arthritis in the neck and spine. All of these maladies are caused by forward head posture, which is self-induced. What can be done? Great question!

Beginning in September, Keystone Spinal Care & Wellness Center is teaming up with Jacob Hapchuk of No Bounties Fitness to introduce comprehensive fitness techniques to reverse text neck and the devastating consequences that are associated with it and other skeletal system imbalances. As an experienced personal trainer, Jacob is well-trained in helping people correct posture imbalances, lose weight, and achieve a variety of personal fitness goals. We are excited to introduce this new program to you and your friends. On Wednesday, September 14th at 6:00PM, we are having an informal “Meet & Greet” for Jacob in our new fitness studio at Keystone Spinal and Wellness Center. The evening will include healthy refreshments and handouts for you about both exercise and food (macronutrients and pH levels!), plus Jacob will be demonstrating simple exercises to help you improve your posture and reverse the damage caused by computer and phone usage! It promises to be a fun and educational evening. Please join us!